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Jenna Ott

Master-trainer/Beauty Service Practitioner
(336) 739-3701

Jenna Ott

Master-trainer/Beauty Service Practitioner

Honesty.  Integrity.  Quality

Jenna has received her bachelors in business and masters in psychology. Her career ranged from being a bank manager, regional sales manager, national sales director, vice-president, and consultant for beauty industry giants nationwide, but her first love will always be providing beauty services and training. Look at her wall of certifications and you’ll know that she’d invested time and money in advancing her knowledge and honing her skills from schools and trainers world-wide for the purpose of providing and teaching beauty services with science and artistry.

What sets her apart is a long list of qualities that leaves her with very little equals; yet she is humble with a kind heart and only wants what’s best for her clients, even if it means refusing a service that will not benefit the client. She’s the authority of her craft and the best not because she thinks she is, but because her work speaks for itself, and all her clients and students will stand in line to say the same thing.

Jenna has more than ten years of experience in the beauty industry and received many certifications on:

Permanent Make up

  • Permanent makeup Certification (2011)
  • Micro Pigmentation Advanced (Permanent make up and Instructor Course) (2013)
  • Feather Touch Eyebrow Course (2011)
  • Microstroking Technique from Permanent makeup and Eyelash Studio (2015)

Eyelash Extension

  • Certified Eyelash Extension Trainer (2006)
  • Certified Russian Volume Trainer (2010)


  • Certified Facial Trainer (2011)
  • Hands-on Pro Peel Training by Vivant Pharmaceuticals (2008)
  • Advances Paramedical Aesthetic Training (2008)
  • Certificate for Attendance: Melasma-New Science Behind its Causes and Treatments.(2009)
  • Scientific Advance Education in Aesthetics (2008)

Hair Removal

  • Certified Instructor for Art of Body Sugaring (2011)
  • Certified Instructor for Amber Waxing (2011)

Nails Care

  • Master Consultant for Nail Industry (2005)
  • Products Developer (2010)